Sourcing & Procurement

Fiona Campbell designers are able to source items from all major suppliers as well as a trusted number of lesser known and highly specialised suppliers, producers and artisans. One advantage of working with us in sourcing, and in particular procurement, is the benefit of access to our designer trade discount for ‘off the shelf’ and non bespoke items. Under a sourcing and procurement arrangement with Fiona Campbell Design, after a standard handling fee, all remaining discount is passed directly on to the client. This can make a significant difference in procurements costs for design projects, all the while benefitting from the sourcing expertise and the security that comes in working with an established interior designer, not to mention the administration involved.

Let us help you with sourcing and procurement. Contact us using the form and a designer will call you back.
Alternatively, you can speak with a designer directly by calling us on +44 20 7731 3681.

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